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1:1 guidance - just for you

what's this offer all about?


This offer is all about that 1:1 work. All about guidance that is directly linked to *your* needs, *your* health and *your* life. It allows space for questions, for growth, for comfort. You are not alone - no matter what you're going through. Not sure? Read here to see what other humans say about working with me.

who is it for?


This offer is for those humans in my community who are looking to do 1:1 work but not sure where to start. This offer has made it super simple to book - also without the 8-week commitment from my coaching-program.

how does it work?

Check out the different categories down below, to see where you kind of fit in and go through with the booking. If you don't find your needs described, just send me a message here and we will figure it out all together. It's all okay!

No payment till we've agreed on date and terms.


i care for my mind

For you who:

  • is looking to step closer to what's going on in your mind right now. 

  • feel like the world is going super fast and you're just spinning around in it.

  • can't sleep due to a never-ending stream of thoughts.

  • is standing in front of a big decision and can't seem to get the much needed perspective on your own.

With tools from MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Relief, you will be guided one step closer to yourself. The world of mindset/meditation/mindfulness can seem very overwhelming and intimidating. With this program you will be guided in the way that fits exactly you and where you are at in life. After each session you will be given one or more tools suited to exactly your situation to ensure a proper integration into your life. You are not alone.


i care for my body

For you who:

  • have gotten scared of the signals that your body is sending due to stress, anxiety, injuries, burn out etc.

  • doesn't feel sure of what your body is communicating with you 

  • is injured or on sick-leave and feel like you're loosing the relationsship to your physical body.

The work here will take base in calming the nervous system down, in order for you to get a bit of a helping hand feeling safer in what you're going through right now. The tools will i.e be guided breath, meditation or other relieving tools such as tapping and journaling to support your homecoming. In case your pain is mainly physical, I will of course utilize my background as a cert. physiotherapist to support you and your body in the best way possible. You are not alone.

i care for my practice

For you who:

  • are in need of a stress-free environment to learn or re-learn.

  • are looking for refinement cues and modifications specific to your body.

  • would love focused sequences or drills revolved around your personal areas of interest or needs.

  • wants to explore physical breakthroughs of certain asanas.

Yoga was originally offered 1:1. It was between a student and a teacher - and this, with good reason. Having 1:1 sessions for your practice, allows you to fully step into *your* body and the sensations that exactly *you* are experiencing. In a Western class-setting it is impossible to learn each asana (posture), so it fits your body. It is impossible to learn the philosophy, so it will help exactly *your* life. With 1:1 - it is all possible. You are not alone.


Investment, you might think? Hell yea.
This is the very definition of an investment. This is not just something you pay, that will never come back again. This is an investment in your Self & your Health. What a beautiful thing to spend on.


1 x 60 min. session 

& the magic of new beginnings:
Dkk/75 euro

3 x 60 min. sessions 

& the magic of diving deeper:
1480 Dkk/200 euro


Payments are made via Paypal or simple banktransfer.

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