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about nanna

as always... it's really about love

"The work that heals you is the work you end up doing in the world"

- and just like that personal development and seeing the big in the small became my work, my life, my passion and all I talk about (except when I talk about food!).

In my past I've known disconnection.

From myself. My body. My family. My community. Until Yoga & therapy happened for me it was really dark.

It still is sometimes but today I see, hear, feel, know that the light is always right around the corner.
We heal. We hurt. Then heal a little more.

Then hurt a little more.

And eventually we can sit down as the creator of our own medicine and see how far we've come.

How much we've opened up to another story. To be willing to see all that we are.


this is the mission

I consider it my finest mission in life to be here for those that tend to doubt their magic and has forgotten that miracles are found everywhere.

Here for those who think

they are not good enough for this world that constantly asks for more, or less, of them. So I work on creating a safety net - not just for all of you.

But for me as well. A place where we catch each other - no matter how unproductive we've been.

I'm here to help you find your way to your gifts and your exact mission. Because YES you are so so gifted and we need exactly what you have to give.

No one does it like you. No one.
I'm here to hold a space where it's ok to reach for joy. For the magic in the mundane.


Deep breath and lean back. I know. Phew.


After years of struggle with body-imagine, ED's and endless injuries, I decided to learn more about the inner Wisdom that the mind-body connection were hiding.

I came explore how there might not even be a mind-body connection but that those two simply work as and are ONE. I still live and learn this lesson everyday.

I've spent almost ten years in heartbreaking and heartmending Therapy,

as well as practiced Yoga, Mindfulnes and journaling daily. To truly grow we need two things: knowledge and experience. Everyday I strive towards continuously achieving this. Staying curious. In the books and in my body.

When I travelled alone around the world, I learned how important safety is. It might be unsexy but gosh it's powerful. It allowed - and still allows me every single day - to stay open to all that life has to offer.

Whether it's when tasting my suffering in my tears on the hard days or dancing/handstanding/breathing my way through life on the lighter ones.

It's all a part of it. It's all arrival. It's all guidance.


I'm here 

To offer a sanctuary that you might haven't come across yet. To guide you in that moment of bliss there is to be found - even in the pain. That moment of peace.

With who you are and what you are here for.

I know that you are already perfect and lovable.

Right now.
That you are beyond amazing-incredible-wow killing it.
Right now.

You just forgot for a moment. Like all humans do.
I don't need to know you to say this.

We're the same, and I have unlimited faith in us all. Also you. That's just how strong my love is.

If you're here for all of that - the big L O V E - I'm your girl. Join me on a journey through stillness, writing, reading, singing, dancing and moving your body.
Because I know that there is a way out 
- and that way is in.

a final note on (ugh I know) regrets

Regret is tricky. And people don't always get it when I say this... but it's a big part of my motivation for continuously helping others - and myself.


That one thing I regret about my whole journey is,

that I didn't find my way out sooner.
That I didn't ask for help sooner.


It was an important lesson that I'm grateful for. It has lead me to live my dreamlife.
Despite of all those challenges.
Because of all those challenges.

I only wish for you to do exactly the same thing.
Find your way out - or in. Whether 
it's with my support, or someone else's doesn't matter. Just that you find it.

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