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Personal Development, coaching & mindset:

Note: most worth-mentioning courses

  • 4-week course in boundaries and people-pleasing from world renounced mindset coach, Africa Brooke

  • 8-week mindfulness course w certification in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

  • 10 day life coaching-course from female own- and driven coaching-business The Clique (including money-mindset, NLP-intro and frame-work build up)

  • Currently going through:
    12 -week NLP practitioner course with David Key

Besides taking all these courses, I have myself been (and still am) in various therapy & coaching for personal development, growth and healing since 2013 - I consider this crucial information, since I have already walked the walk, and am still walking it. I know how it is to be a client, and know what's needed for it to be as safe an experience as possible.

The physical body & Yoga

Note: most worth-mentioning courses

  • Certified Physiotherapist from VIA University College w. client-experience in headaches/migraines, musculoskeletal work (sport- & postural injuries/pains) as well as neurological work (worked w. children with disabilities for almost a year and a half in both Denmark and Australia).

  • 200h Certified Yoga-teacher in Ashtanga- and Yin Yoga from Yoga Bliss Lembongan (Bali)

  • 100h Anatomy- and Adjustment Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga Bliss Lembongan (Bali)

  • 20h Yoga Philosophy, "The Story of Yoga"-course w. Robert Fulton

Next to all of this & participating in workshops all over the world, the greatest teacher is undoubtedly the never ending daily practice of being in - and with - my body. 

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