when nothing is normal, only new

The world will tell us to take care. To be grateful. But how do we do that after a year where nothing is normal, and only new? How do we practice gratitude without bypassing ourselves and each other? How do we take care, when we were never taught how to?
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when nothing is normal, only new

when and where am I going?

Jun 19, 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM GMT+2

what's this all really about?

A free webinar for anyone having a hard time to deal with the stress, anxiety and grief that the pandemic aka The Suck brought with her. This is not about removing the stressor. I cannot do that for you. But I can help you deal with the stress itself in the form of SelfCare- and gratitude-practices.

This is not to say that suffering doesn't exist. This is simply to make it gentler for ourselves when it does.

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