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frequently asked questions

about coaching

I'm feeling nervous about pursuing this. Can you help me?
I don't know if you'll ever feel super ready to get started with something like this.

I know I felt super nervous when I met my first mentor.

 kinda knew that this step was needed for me to start feeling better. But I was oh, so nervous. 
If you're in doubt of booking because you never did something like this before, look. I get it.
If you in one moment of bravery decides to reach out to me and send me that message,
I promise I will be taking all the care of you. 

Read more about me and my story here.

Why do I need exactly you as my coach?

I will make a plan for you to achieve your goals and help you stick to it in the gentlest, yet firmest way possible. I've taken so many different courses and been through so many different experiences, which has allowed my to come up with my own framework to guide my clients to their goals. This is different from many of my colleagues that are following a framework made by someone else. I'm a firm believer in exactly my way of doing it, which includes the body and creativity as a part of the healing process. If you have a lot of resistance towards doing exactly this type of work, I'm probably the one for you.

How does a coaching session normally go? What does it look like?

A session is normally around 60 minutes. We catch up on the most current issue and follow up on questions/experiences from your integration practices. There will always be one or more moments throughout the session dedicated to feeling the body and noticing how it feels about all of the words spoken.

I am scared that it will all be too deep and I can't handle it. What should I do?

Deep breath. This fear is very normal. Sometimes we're very scared of asking help because it seems too scary to look into whatever is going on in your life. It's okay to be scared for this. Please know, that when hiring me as a coach I will be supporting you throughout any insights. For many it's a very important part of their coaching-experience too to realize, that it's ok to feel deep. That feelings are not bad. In fact, feeling the thing you've been unwilling/unable to feel might hold the very answer you've been looking for.

I find the coaching-industry to be leaning up against toxic positivity - is this true?

Frankly. I tend to agree. I think there's a lot of BS about the coaching-industry that really gets to me. Especially when it seems like there's no privileges involved in getting where we've gotten to. There's so much privilege in the whole wellness- and personal development industry. 
I believe that we're all together in this life, and it's not all on you to "get out of your own way". If you're femme, colored or come from a capital T traumatized past, the system's have probably let you down multiple times.
You're not the one fucked up thing that ruined the universe - or your own life. My coaching-program is there to help you see exactly this, and m
ost often it will be all about taking pressure off, which then lead you to thrive.

breath in for 1, 2, 3, 4

hold for 1, 2

breathe out for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

it helps

about signing up for coaching

I'm struggling financially but I really need to commit to this. What do I do?

I'm very proud of you for realizing that this might be a thing that is holding you back. Money stories are one of a kind and can be super triggering. Both mentally and - of course - also literally sometimes.

This program is an investment that, if you want it to, potentially can help you experience abundance financially

(which I would love for you if it's a part of your goal-setting!). Therefore, try to think of it, as something that will come back to you. There's enough money in the world. Also for you. 

If you need a different payment-plan than the ones I offer, please just let me know, and we will figure something out. I do also give out scholarships on a regular basis, if you're out of job and really need this.
I am here for you. No matter the 000 in your bank account. It's PEOPLE over profit in this business.

Ok. I'm ready! What's next?

Hell yes! You've got this. Check out the steps and application-form form here. 


I'm almost ready! Can I talk to you before starting?
Absolutely. Use the contact form here and I will be of service. No worries. You're doing great!

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