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mind-body coaching

who were you before

the world told you who to be?

what is the offer & who is it for?

Do you ever find yourself Self-sabotaging? Is overthinking holding you back? Are you scared of what others will think - or what you, yourself, will think - if you take a leap of faith to get out of your own way?

Is perfectionism keeping you in the shadow rather than in the light? Do you physically hate your body and how she looks?

Well then this offer is for you.

I call it the the made the for more-program. Because basically, it's about exploring all the wonderful amazing WOW things that you're made for. It's about YOU getting support to see what else is out there for you. That your life don't have to be filled up with anxiety, stress and perfectionism to function.

There is another way. There is more. 


Now this is not about you changing your entire life and all that you are, like the coaching-industry otherwise often leds us to believe is necessary. This is all about discovering the fact that you're already enough. You're already more. You already have everything you need. 

In my program, the magic is really found in the small things. The fact that you don't get mad at yourself for resting anymore. The fact that you won't yell at your partner as much. The fact that you dare to apply for your dreamjob.

I believe, and coach from that viewpoint, that we are all united in this world. Therefore, one of my finest missions often ends up being about helping my clients to create a supportive environment around them. Because if we feel safe and supported - we can do anything. In my program "anything" can also be getting out of bed after a depression. Or feeling safe in your body after a burn out. It is all very legit challenges.

You're not alone.

Hard work is often described as getting your ph.d, making more money, becoming CEO - or whatever we're trying to add to our resumé to finally feel like our identity is complete.
But. Try to speak nicer to yourself.
To write the truest and most beautiful story about a life - and then live it.
To see ten things that you're already doing good enough.
Now that's hard work. And the people looking to do that work,

are the people I'm here for.



There are three different roads to take in the MADE FOR MORE-program. They are similar, and yet slightly different. You don't need to be able to fit yourself into one of them - they are simply there for guidance.


"I dream of more"

For the ones that have a dream they can't ignore any longer. For the Yoga-teacher or the (to be) Selfemployed human, who's not sure of how to show up as themselves in their business, on Social Media etc. 


"My body is not an apology"

For those longing to feel safe, free and at peace with their bodies. Those suffering from continuous headaches or migraines. Those tired from an exhausting amount of "bad body"-days.


"I'm willing to feel different"

For the Self-sabotagers feeling "not enough" and the (future) recovering perfectionists that want their life back. For the humans that are just so ready to dare to set boundaries without fear of getting abandoned

For you saying:

  • "I want to teach, preach, do more or do different."

  • "I want to fuck up the system and make myself happy MY way."

  • "There must be more for me than they taught us."

  • "I have a dream and I just need help to get started."

For you saying:

  • "I hate my body."

  • "As soon as I start thriving, a headache knocks me back to square one."

  • "My heart is beating so fast even doing nothing all day."

  • "I just need to lose five kilos and it will be better."

For you saying:

  • "I need to practice Selfcare."

  • "I'm so hard on myself but not on anyone else."

  • "If I'm less than perfect, I'll not be good enough."

  • "Everything is too much but I can't cut something out."

Our Fear has us thinking "if I do more - they will like me more"
Don't believe it. What you do - is not what we love you for.
Learn how to let your job, your gender, your duties

 be number 98, 99 and 100 on the list of who you really are.


  •  Have five calls/meetings each of 60 minutes duration.

  • After each meeting receive feedback on email including integration-tasks (homework <3) and practices - specified to you and your journey exactly.

  • Be on the receiving end of a unique framework following steps that are supported by science, different coaching tecniques as well as a Yoga- & mindfulness attitude.

  • Receive unlimited guidance, question-asking and conversation between the calls via mail or message.

  • Create new, lasting habits under my FULL support. 

  • Take brilliant steps towards finding out how incredible you already are and that you hold all the answers. 

picture for workshop 2.jpg


Fill out the application form and wait for my response.
Usually I get back to you within
1-2 business days.
(also be really proud of yourself for this first step!)


I respond and we get talking YAY! Maybe you have some questions. Maybe I have some questions. We figure those out, so you feel safe to start this journey.
(you almost got yourself a coach by now!)


Assuming that all is well and you're ready to explore the made for more-side of yourself, this is where I send the client-agreement and you make your payment.
(You almost have a coach and are starting a very exciting journey.)


First call. 

60 minutes mostly about goal-setting and starting to set you up for success.

(This is the one where you might get a little nervous but you're doing great! That's it!)

AB2DB14C-D7E6-49CC-9890-C6FA4E8864AE.png long are you going to wait?

Investment details

Full support package: 8-week of unlimited support and five calls/meetings of 60 min. duration. Price for full package and full support: 450 Euro

Receive a 15 minute discover-call for FREE in case of any doubts/questions - book through contact form below or here

Payment plans for the full package:
Pay full amount in once and get 8% discount.

Pay 50 % of full price after signed contract and other 50 % halfway through the contract.

Payments are made via PayPal or simple banktransfer.

For all three offers, you will receive a

client-agreement that lasts for weeks.
All the time for all the goodness!
During this season you will:

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