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my scheduled classes


17.30-18.45   Vinyasa Yoga, Antwerp Yoga 

19.00-20.00   Yin Yoga, Antwerp Yoga
7.30-8.45 Morning Club, virtual class


18.30-19.30   Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Antwerp Yoga


7.30-8.45 Morning Club, virtual class


11.00-12.00   Yin Yoga, Antwerp Yoga

DISCLAIMER: since Covid-19 there is continuously added changes to my schedule. For the rest of 2020 I will, when allowed, still be teaching privately and publicly in Denmark and Belgium, however I will mostly be online with Zoom and Morning Club. Stay tuned for updates on instagram @_justnanna or use the contact formula below. Sending love to get us through this <3 

Antwerp Yoga

Frankrijklei 107

2000 Antwerpen

Prices, updated schedule and more

Morning Club Community

For more information, please send me a message below if you wish to join in!

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