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the SelfCareSeries


the world will tell us to "take better care of ourselves"
- but how do we do that?
when the world never taught us how to take care

when the world never supported this care-taking


if you are finding yourself chained to the bed every now and then
stuck in anxiety and feeling sick in your body
then you

are not alone

people might tell you to just go do the things

that for sure will make you feel better
be in nature
take deep breaths
all that

but on some days even this is impossible.
and for those days, the SelfCareSeries and myself is now there

to hold your hand

it is
meditation for days where you cannot meditate

movement for the days where you cannot move

support for those moments where people tell us to

"just take better care" and we answer crying "but how?!"

this series is the "how"

how long are you going to wait?


this is how we take care.
you are not alone.

your bills will get paid.
your family will still love you.
you are not falling behind.

make your health, your heart, your balance your priority. like that, everything else will fall into place

the story behind SelfCareSeries

The SelfCareSeries has sprung from my own story with mental health hardships.
They've been a part of me for as long as I can remember. The seemingly casual "not good enougness" turned into an ED, which turned into anxiety, which turned into changing my life and the way I lived - an live - it.
Being chained to my bed and living in emotional solitude smashed my feelings into my face, and I realized that 
I was gonna miss out on life if I kept living it, the way I thought I needed to live it to fit in.

It was too hard to live that way.
It didn't bring me joy.
It didn't bring me healing.

Through therapy and traveling I learned that the sensitivity I otherwise hated and would have traded away for anything else, really was a gift. It's a burden too. Sometimes at least.



But at the end of the day, and right now as I'm writing this, my sensitivity and my way of walking in the world is a gift. Because for this exact moment is has brought me to you. You reading this right now.

Maybe because you're curious, maybe because you're on a similar journey as myself and maybe because you're looking for healing. Either way, I am so WOW-over the moon-amazed that you found your way here.

Being willing to feel better is the biggest fucking step we can take,

and I'm honored to be a part of your journey.


Let's go.
This is the SelfCareSeries.
xx Nanna

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