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Nanna has a light and kind approach to Yoga and coaching. I have felt so safe in her teachings. You could think is young to do what she does but she has an unbelievable amount of knowledge. The combination of knowledge of the human body, Yoga philosophy and lifestyle makes coaching with her worth every cent.


I know a lot of great guides but I know that I chose to do 1:1 work with Nanna because she doesn't focus on this as a job. It's truly a passion. She really coaches you through everything. You can text her anytime and she will get back to you with a thorough answer. She is my friend, my inspiration, my coach. I can only recommend you to just try it for yourself and notice how much growth will happen once you open yourself up to this journey with Nanna.
Verle, Belgium, 1:1 & public classes


"If you hesitate to join Nanna's Made for More program, you shouldn't! Sessions with her are like talk with your good friend over cup of coffee with that extra in form of proper guidance and tools, that I didn't know of - or I didn't realize that they will come in so handy. This journey is your own, because Nanna understands and adjusts the program to exactly you and
where you dream of going.

However, I'm mostly impressed with my own work during this program and I know that any woman who looks for some guidance will find it in that program.
I just want to say THANK You for being there, helping me finding the strength and gentleness in me and showing me that I can do WHATEVER I DREAM about."

Aleksandra, 1:1, public&online classes

To explain what Nanna and her coaching strategy have done for me would take too long. However, I will tell you this: 
do it.


If you're looking to get your life changed, not in the "I can't recognize myself anymore"-way, but in the finally I CAN recognize myself-way, then do it.

I was very hesitant to start the program. Honestly, it seems like too much effort. But I've come to realize that getting myself the support I needed, was much less effort than trying to stay away from it in my self-sabotaging ways.

Turns out, that convincing myself how I'm not enough and could never accomplish anything, takes more energy than a homecoming ever did.

I'm not gonna lie to you. It's hard work. So hard. But so worth it. I can't recommend enough to anyone looking to free themselves from what society taught them.
Thank you Nanna.

Nadja, 1:1, Denmark

On the heavy days I'm tough against myself.


Nanna has taught me to approach these days with a softness and to meet myself gently. This can be a challenge but when I don't know how to calm myself down, I have Nanna's voice to lean up against. In companionship can her voice and my own true voice tell me that everything is okay.


That I am okay. Nanna has given my inner voice a language to speak kind words towards myself. For that, I'm so grateful. Thank you - from my heart to yours.
Thea, Denmark, Workshops online & in person


I was a bit of a retired Yogi when I started doing private classes with Nanna in Bali. She was awesome - a little tough and a little sweet - enough to not let you get away with your own BS excuses but also compassionate and understanding your limitations.


She actually made me change my mind about going back to practicing Ashtanga again. Forever ready to answer my 500+ questions about alignment, sequencing, Yoga philosophy and history.

I personally consider her not just a Yoga teacher but a great mentor. I am so grateful for everything she taught me.

If you want to take your Yoga - and life - to another level, book 1:1 with Nanna. She pays so much attention to detail and will always find a way to make things easier for you. Whether it's with Asana or philosophy/history/theory, she will have all the answers for you. Thank you Nanna.

May, Bali & U.S, 1:1 & public classes

I have had the pleasure of being taught by Nanna for years - both in numerous workshops and public classes. In the summer of 2020 we started a 1:1 program and it's hands down the best thing I ever did for myself. I was stuck in my practice both mentally and physically, and I felt that I needed help to get out of that.

Nanna has an incredible capability of seeing exactly where I am in my practice and helps me go further based on that. She's always finding practices that suits me both mentally and physically.


She has help me discover my body and a joy of moving it that I've never experienced before. Alongside getting stronger physically, my attitude towards my practice and my body changed drastically. Instead of only focusing on doing things "right", I can now invite in softness, vulnerability and joy into my life.
There's space for all of it now!

Eleonora, Denmark, 1:1, workshops & public classes




I have struggled for many years in trying to fully connect to Yoga, although very much enjoying the movement, I often found myself losing focus, getting impatient and usually with something aching at the end of a class.


I was lucky enough to meet Nanna through a wonderful friend, where I explained I wasn’t a Yoga-person, either because I’m just not flexible enough or because it just isn’t for me.


Nanna gently suggested I try her Ashtanga with her, that she had a feeling it is what I needed. That very first class with Nanna, I remember being shocked and how comfortably my chest rested on my front leg in a forward fold, as Nanna guided me through the motions, explaining how each posture and movement should be. I found Nanna incredibly focused on correct alignment, repositioning me where needed, telling me to be patient with myself and listen to what my body is telling me.


Nanna puts a lot of effort in explaining the purpose of each pose, how and why it should feel a certain way. Focus on the breath, controlling your core and stability, concentrate, you are strong. It is something I never expected that would become so crucial to my wellbeing, both on and off the mat.


I began to recognize in my everyday, I was applying the mantras Nanna teaches, be kind to yourself, rather than focusing on someone else’s journey, focus on your own, observing your progress and limits as they come, and most importantly, recognizing that your body can handle more some days than others, and that’s okay. I can confidently say that yoga has become a part of my life today and that I consciously work to implement Nanna’s teachings, both in the hard times of life, but also through celebrating the great.


I couldn’t recommend Nanna enough, she is truly an incredible, life-changing person and I will forever be grateful to her for what she has taught me.
Kerryn, Denmark & South Africa, retreats, 1:1 & public classes

You know that feeling of going into the world and being unsure whether you are good enough or not? If you're doing right and fit in?


Well Morning Club is the exact opposite. It is my online safe space and community where I can show up exactly as I am and how I feel, knowing that someone has my back. A place where Yoga-practices feel like virtual hugs. I always leave the space feeling lighter than when I came to it, and more in contact with ME.


You know, that ME, where you believe in yourself and your dreams The ME that wants to take up space in this world. The best feeling of ME. What I love most about the practices ( kidding - I can't rank it) is the full circle of breath, movements and meditation - everything is so well fitted together as only Nanna can do it <3
Rikke, Denmark, Workshops & retreats, online & in person


Hi beautiful Nanna, 

Ahh I just need to let you know that the selfcare series is incredible! Especially the tapping videos have just given me so much on those low days. It is just so easy to follow and you make me feel so safe on those days when I am anxious. It is just so comforting how gently you guide me through it.

You know when I first came to you and felt like I couldn’t deal with my panic because when they hit, it was like I lost all of my knowledge on how to deal with them. The self care series is just PERFECT for that. When I don’t know how to handle myself it feels like the self care series is there to remind me of everything I forgot. I added the selfcare series to my anxiety protocol and I'm so thankful for you.
Ina, 1:1 & SelfCareSeries

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