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about my offers
- in short

the commitment

Read all about my MADE FOR MORE-coaching offer HERE.

This is the offer for you that are ready to commit to grow into yourself and your full potential. To see all the magic that
you are made for. 

A contract of three months and three different programs to choose from, ensuring that the habits are for YOU and that they're here to stay. 

I can't wait to hear from you.
Application & more here

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the SelfCareSeries


The SelfCareSeries has its roots in my own troubles with mental health. I've felt so alone in taking care of myself sometimes. Why was this thing that sounded so simple, so damn hard in reality?

I found out that I'd had never really been taught how to take care... So I had to take that into my own hands.

The SelfCareSeries is a product that has come from nearly ten years of therapy, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness and stress relief. It's the tools that have helped me. Who know's - they might help you too? Learn more HERE



Community is everything to me. I enjoy building them, participating in them as well as seeing them flower from a distance. 

Currently my main community is virtual. It's called Morning Club and consists of 50 women from all over the world practicing live together twice a week.
Check out my blogpost about MC here!
Check out FAQ about MC here!

Virtually or in real life, classes where I feel a connection with & between the people participating must be the most beautiful thing I get to witness on a regular basis. Yoga. Union. Yum.

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